Hezbut Tawheed at a Glance

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The identity of Hezbut Tawheed

Hezbut Tawheed is a non-political, religious reform movement. The movement was established on 16 February 1995 in Kortia, Tangail district of Bangladesh. The founder of Hezbut Tawheed is Emamuzzaman Mr. Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni.

Hezbut Tawheed at a Glance

What is the meaning of Hezbut Tawheed?

Arabic Hizb / Hizb / Hezbut means group. In this sense, Hezbut Tawheed means - the party of Tawheed or the party based on Tawheed.

The creed of Hezbut Tawheed

The whole human race is the creation of one Creator, the same parents being the children of Adam and Eve, but immersed in war and bloodshed. Their lives are filled with the deceit of the simple, the deprivation of the rich over the poor, the oppression of the strong over the weak. The condition of the Muslim nation is even more dire. They are being indiscriminately massacred, millions of women are being raped, one land after another is being destroyed by bomb blasts, and they themselves are being divided into Shia-Sunni and other sects. Various kinds of superstitions and bigotry have taken root. The Hezbut Tawheed movement was started to show the way of liberation of the people from this situation.

Who is Hossain Mohammad Salim of Hezbut Tawheed?

Mr. Hossain Mohammad Salim is the current 'Imam' or leader of Hezbut Tawheed. After the death of Mr. Mohammad Bayazid Khan Panni, the founder of the organization on January 17, 2012, Mr. Hossain Mohammad Salim took over as the Imam of Hezbut Tawheed. Read more - Hossain Mohammad Salim.

Is Hezbut Tawheed a militant organization?

No. Hezbut Tawheed is a completely apolitical, religious reformist, non-violent movement. This movement has gained wide awareness among the people of Bangladesh through religious awareness as well as through numerous meetings, seminars and campaigns against all kinds of injustices including militancy, terrorism, religious trade and anti-politics. This organization has repeatedly raised the issue of ideological tactics against militancy.

It should be noted that Hezbut Tawheed and Hizb ut-Tahrir are two separate organizations and due to their partial similarity with the name, many people are confused and consider Hezbut Tawheed as a militant organization.