Hossain Mohammad Salim Biography

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Mr. Hossain Mohammad Salim is the current 'Imam' or leader of the apolitical, religious reform movement Hezbut Tawheed.

Hossain Mohammad Salim

Photo: Hussain Mohammad Salim, Imam, Hezbut Tawheed

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He was born in 1982 in the most influential and aristocratic Muslim family of Porkara village of Sonaimuri Upazila in Noakhali district. Father Nurul Haque Member has earned a reputation as a local people's representative for more than two decades. Mother Hosne Ara Begum.


He started studying in the local maktab and at a very young age he learned other manners including the Qur'an. After completing his primary education at Porkara Government Primary School, he completed his SSC in Science from the local Ahmadiyya High School in 1989. Passed. He then did his HSC in Science from Laksam Nawab Faizunnesa Government College. And graduated from the same college. Then in 1994 B.Sc. In the examination he won first place in the first class. He then obtained a master's degree in political science from Jagannath University.

Truth Search:

From his student days he thought about the plight of the Muslim nation. Daily Ittefaq and Daily Inquilab were kept in the college hostel. The situation of different Bosnian Muslims in Inquilab, the story of the persecution of Muslims in different places, stirred the world of his thoughts. He was saddened to see the plight of the Muslim nation of the world. Wondering why this catastrophe, no way out. To find a way out of this predicament of the nation, he rushed to different religious organizations, different individuals, different organizations. But no one could feed his truth-seeking soul. He would be disappointed to see the activities of religious or political parties. He used to get annoyed when he saw various inconsistencies, inconsistencies in words, inconsistencies, irrational activities etc. He saw that even though many things were going on in the name of religion, everything was just a name of selfishness.

Joining Hezbut Tawheed:

While studying at the university, he heard the name of Emamuzzaman Mr. Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni in Dhaka. There was a great commotion about the book written by Emamuzzaman. A class of religious scholars was marching to ban his books. He used to hear about Emamuzzaman in public, saying that Emamuzzaman was a man who did not have a beard, did not have a hat, did not go to madrasa, but he wrote a book that caused a great stir, the scholars are protesting against him. But he did not listen to the people and continued to read the book and decided to meet Emamuzzaman and observe him directly.

1998. He attended a conference of Hezbut Tawheed at Dawood Mahal in Kortia, Tangail. He was the only one allowed to attend the conference without being a member of Hezbut Tawheed. Emamuzzaman's extraordinary personality, simplicity, sweetness of speech and logic overwhelmed him. Emamuzzaman did not study in the madrasa, but his profound knowledge of religion! The child of the zamindar's house, but his speech is not in the slightest hint of arrogance. He saw that those who were sitting in front of Emamuzzaman and listening to his discourse were some farmers, some laborers, in a word, ordinary working people. He once had tea with them, ate with them, talked with them, explained to them about Islam, answered their questions, inquired about the sick, as if they were his. Family members.

These things moved his mind a lot. Again, it is shocking, because the scenes could not match the form of Islam that he has been seeing for so long. For example, women used to sit on one side of the meeting of Emamuzzaman. Man and women are establishing Salah (prayers) in one congregation etc. However, all in all, he was fascinated by Emamuzzaman's words. He realized that if there was truth, it was here. The next day he listened to Emamuzzaman. The more he heard, the clearer the truth became before him. It was as if he could see with his own eyes exactly which place this so-called Muslim nation was doing wrong, where we had lost our way. Their plight today is due to their departure from Tawheed. Once they return to Tawheed, they will be liberated, they will get peace in this world, paradise in the hereafter, and no other way. He tried to understand the meaning of Tawheed from Imam Zayman. Then he came to Dhaka and read more books. Then joined the Tawheed movement on February 26. From then on, his fighting path started.

He knew that there would be danger in revealing the truth, there would be obstacles, there would be humiliation, God would test. But this test was not easy for him. When he went to his village home in Sonaimuri, Noakhali, he started preaching the truth, explaining the way of liberation to the people, calling for unity for the truth and publicly identifying the iniquities in the name of religion. His home was repeatedly attacked and vandalized under the guise of Christianity, and those who became members of Hezbut Tawheed were beaten and tortured. In 2009 alone, his home was attacked twice. The terrorists set fire to eight more houses of Hezbut Tawheed members including their houses.

However, the most heinous barbaric terrorist attack took place on March 14, 2016. Calling the mosque under construction on the premises of his house a church, Hezbut Tawheed is a Christian.

Excluding, people were called to attack the mosque's microphone. Students and teachers from local madrassas, a terrorist group of different religious groups, attacked his house on this day and killed two members of Hezbut Tawheed in broad daylight by cutting their limbs. They poured petrol on their bodies and set them on fire. Homes were looted and set on fire. However, in spite of so many obstacles, he never gave up in the struggle to establish the truth. Once again, various development-oriented organizations, including the Shahidi Jame Mosque, have built on the rubble.

Hon'ble Emamuzzaman passed away on January 17, 2012. Since then, he has been acting as the Imam of Hezbut Tawheed with the consensus of the members of the movement.